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3 days in Iceland
"3-Day-Iceland-Tour" and family reunion at Hella is a grate pictursshow on the gallery here from Carol and Ty. It is a 101 picturs
Take a look.

Here right is one, Ty and Carole at brige that spans the rift between the European and American tectonic plates
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New pictures coming
Here you can see pitcures from the reunion and also from the trip to Mjoafjordur. Only click here:

HÚr eru nokkrar myndir frß Šttarmˇtinu Ý sumar og einnig myndyr frß fer­ Ý Mjˇafj÷r­. a­eins a­ klikka hÚr:

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BrÚf frß Barb. 28-07-2002  

Myndabnaki !! 16-07-2002  

Vel heppna­ Šttarmˇt 16-07-2002  

Ăttingjar komnir frß BandarÝkjonum 09-07-2002  

Loka undirb˙ningur - Final preparations 04-07-2002  

H÷f­abrekku fer­ 28-06-2002  

Ăttarmˇt 02 27-05-2002  

Ăttarmˇti­/The reunion 13-03-2002